Culture ≪ Golden Week ≫

Hello and Konnichiwa,
I am Shiori, from Japan.


OMG,in this weekend in Japan the temperature was up to 28dgree! It was like perfect summer.
I cannot believe it is still mid May…How is your country?


‘Hello, this is Myako,


There was a long holiday in early May, called Golden week, was over now. 
Also there were some big events like mother’s day and Aoi Festival in May, hope you had good time.


On 5th of May, children’s day in Japan, there was a interesting Kimono event in Hanamachi which brought by Maikoclub.


I will talk about how the event went during daytime..


There were wonderful lunch meal and Geiko and Maiko served Sake for costumers at Tsuda sakura chaya which is located Gion Hanami koji.
Off course they chatted with Geiko and Maiko as well, one customer has same hometown with one Maiko so they were so excited!


Later on Geiko plays Shamisen, Maiko dance in front of Kinbyobu.. which are so typical and worth to see.


Then they gamed at Ozashiki,
“Either you win or not, you are very good looking guy!” Giko and Maiko yelled, then make them drink Sake…
Fianally they took a photo with Geiko and Maiko.


After Ozashiki done, they explored Hanamachi…


If you have a chance, please join the event next time. Sure you will have a lots fun.
It is also very special opportunities to meet Geiko and Maiko.


and if you have any idea of event, please feel free to let us know.


Thank you!’


Thank you and Arigatou everyone for reading,


hope to see you again very soon.



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